Canvvs – The worlds first custom sneaker marketplace


Q1 2022



My Role

UI Design Brand Strategy Design System

Canvvs is the worlds first digital marketplace that aims to connect the thriving community of custom sneaker artists and collectors.

These artists primarily promote and sell their art through Instagram, but with Canvvs, they can take their business to the next level.

Our goal was to extend Canvvs' identity & make the experience of buying and selling custom sneakers as seamless as possible. We wanted to create an environment that would not only attract sneaker enthusiasts but also serve as a hub for emerging artists.

The site needed to be simple yet packed with features. An information rich landing page was structured to highlight the core features of the platform and provide plenty of options for artists to get discovered.

In addition to customer accounts, sneaker artists have access to a dedicated seller account on the platform. This account enables them to add listings for their custom designs, accept and manage custom requests from customers, and oversee their orders efficiently.

By collaborating closely with the Canvvs team and providing beta demos to the artists, we ensured that the final product aligned with their initial vision and met the needs of the sneaker community.

Following the marketplace, we continued to work with Canvvs and helped them establish the Canvvs Awards. This competition provided a platform for artists to showcase their talents and compete head-to-head with one another. In addition, we developed a system for judges to review and evaluate the submissions, ensuring a fair and objective evaluation process.


Nick Clement - Creative Director

Alicja Czarnecka - Digital Producer

Kye Esa - Digital Producer

James Penfold - Strategy Director

Vasileios Matsoukas - UX