Techsembly is pretty much Shopify, but on steroids providing multi-vendor
& multi-storefronts with local currencies, languages and content adapted.

They approached us looking for help with their company website
as it was dated & wasn't generating enough new customers for their product.

Following the success of this project, I have created animated videos,
designed other front end aspects & redesign parts of their application.

Techsembly Asset

Persona/User Flows

Using data collected by the client alongside Google Analytics of their current site,
I created personas with user flows to help us understand who will be visiting the
website and what they will want to achieve.

Techsembly Asset Techsembly Asset


Techsembly Asset


I created a small document for the client to make sure everyone was
on the same page with do's and don'ts thrown in with ideation on
how we imagine some elements of the product.

Techsembly Asset


With all the initial UX phase complete, I created detailed wireframes
taking everything we had discovered into account.

Techsembly Asset Techsembly Asset

The Final Result

Techsembly Asset Techsembly Asset Techsembly Asset Techsembly Asset