Nike Space Hippie – A Move to Zero sustainable experience alternative


Q3 2022



My Role

UI Design Strategy Concept

Nike's commitment to sustainability is well-known, and their Space Hippie sneakers are a prime example of that commitment. Made from 25-50% recycled content, these sneakers represent a bold move toward a more sustainable future. Nike wanted to take things a step further by creating a sustainable digital experience to complement the launch of the next generation of Space Hippie sneakers.

It's important to understand the environmental impact of digital experiences, and that includes websites. In the case of Nike's old Space Hippie microsite, it was found that every time a user visited, 1.56g of CO2 was produced. This may seem like a small amount, but it adds up quickly.

In fact, in just six months, generates a staggering 993.85 tonnes of CO2. That's equivalent to the CO2 emissions from over 100 homes in a year, or the emissions from driving over 2 million miles in an average car. This level of carbon emissions is not sustainable, and it's clear that action needs to be taken to reduce the impact of digital experiences on the environment.

By creating a new Space Hippie microsite concepts that had a significantly smaller carbon footprint, we were able to reduce the carbon emissions of the site by over 98% (only 0.02g of CO2 per visit, all hosted on Raspberry Pi).

In using reusable components, system fonts, dithered images, click to load content and sustainable colours, we were able to create an alternative digital experience that reflected Nike's commitment to sustainability.


Nick Clement - Creative Director

James Penfold - Strategy Director

Marie Vodickova - Strategy

Robin Hunter - Developer

Nick Voke - UX/UI